Wednesday, August 09, 2006


5th CAG's Experiences in Iraq!
Thursday, August 18, 2005
Location:Fallujah, Al Anbar, Iraq

Thoughts and pictures from a Marine engaged
in the reconstruction of Fallujah. I'm assigned
to the 5th Civil Affairs Group, currently
stationed in downtown Fallujah, Iraq.

This was a recent day in which the chaplain came
out to the CMOC to hand out toys and school supplies
donated by the great citizens of the United States.

The children, seeing the boxes being brought out,
began to rush over ... I was afraid they might mob
poor "Chaps," so I asked them to get in a line
(ladies first, of course!). The line would also ensure
that big kids and little kids got equal shares.

Of course, the moment I walk away to attend to some
other business, the kids make a mad dash for "Chaps,"
nearly bowling him over! It was kind of comical to see,
but all in good fun. One of the young boys couldn't
make his way through the mayhem, so our great
interpreter Ansam picked him up and waded in to the
fray to ensure he was not left out.

When I showed them my digital camera, a cute little
boy was enthralled with seeing himself on the small
digital screen. Chris and his team had gone up to
deliver school supplies (again, donated by generous
Americans) to a little school in Saqlawiyah (a small
town north of Fallujah). The boy's mother, a teacher
at the school, was nearby watching. Chris had this
to say: "I told her I had four sons, and I loved her
little boy. Just as an American mother would speak in
casual conversation she said, 'He's too rotten. You
can have him!' "



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